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"And it's not that she wants to henpeck you; she also has a biological drive." He shows, for instance, how a husband's withdrawal is actually a natural way for him to replenish his depleted testosterone levels and restore his well-being, and how a woman's need for conversation and support helps her build her own stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin.

Backed up by groundbreaking scientific research, Gray offers a clear, easy-to-understand program to bridgethe gap between the two planets, providing effective communication strategies that will actually lower stress levels.

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Once upon a time, Martians and Venusians functioned in separate worlds.

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  2. MARS VENUS. health resort services, namely, providing food and lodging that specialize in promoting patrons' general health and well Owned by John Gray.

  3. Venus on-fire-mars-on-ice-chapter-11 1. Hormonal. and our monthly MarsVenus Wellness Retreats. For a small group of people you do a lot.

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