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Lubavitch dating

First, the orthodox Jewish community has exploded and the numbers are now enormous.With so many men and women looking to get married and so few matchmakers to assist, the system is buckling under the load.The question is asking in what way to you most feel connected to the Rebbe.Is it by going to 770, by reading the igrois koidesh, or by going to the oihel.The religious Jewish dating scene is severely broken.In the secular world men and women date by meeting each other at co-ed institutions like school and University or at events like parties and weekend getaways.

Likewise, sex has come to play such a prominent role in secular dating that couples get to know each other physically rather than emotionally, creating distance and a lack of real intimacy in relationships.

All three of these are associated with the Rebbe but a particular person might find one of them more favorable.

There are those who don't go to the Oihel and instead only go to 770 and when asking the Rebbe for advice they put their letter into igrois and look at the answer.

But in the religious world where dating is so often dependent on third parties making introductions, young men and women are at the mercy of others to meet a potential spouse.

Those third-parties are often professional matchmakers or friends who set them up. So a mutual friend thinks, 'Wow, what a great match!


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