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Liz jean sagal nude

She mentioned such being a guest on some afternoon television program while M/Children had begun going.

may have only lasted two short seasons, but it will always hold a place in our skin-obsessed hearts thanks to a scrumptious roster of lovely sitcom sirens.

Taking the ad, I tore it out of the mag and, jokingly, taped it to our community refrigerator. That morning our sole female roomie asked if I was really going through with this.

In a booming voice, I announced to my bewildered roommates, "this is my favorite TV show of all time and space! Well, I thought, I've made such a fuss, might as well see what I've cornered myself into.

In this way, I hope to unravel the allure of the show by example rather than discourse. I was living in the basement of a mime theater on Bond Street, New York City (near the Tower Records on 4th and Broadway).

I shared the place with three others, each as equally eccentric as myself. For heaven's sake, I was a NY rock musician into The Clash and the Sex Pistols, not some inbred into the Osmond clan!

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I may have watched it alone; I may have watched it with my roommates. It had just the right amount of zany goofiness coupled with the exuberant charm of the Sagal sisters to floor this NY City snob.

If not that, then it was at least thought up as an effort to appease a group of middle-aged guys in ,000 suits trying to out guess what some homely teenage girl in a suburban shopping mall would find appealing.

I'm sorry to say it, but 's first incarnation (there were 2), it told the exploits of Kate (Jean Sagal) and Allison "Allie" Foster (Liz Sagal), identical twins attending high school in Des Monies, Iowa. While the show's scenario was Midwest enough to send any self-respecting New York sophisticate running for the upper levels of the Guggenheim Museum, it did have something that took it beyond the limitations of its wholesome, sickly-sweet plot.

The 8 original shows detailed their dating habits, their relationship with their widower father, their dancing aspirations, and the fact that though they look similar, their personalities are as different as ice is to fire. And this is that it had the Sagal sisters, identical twin sisters that somehow managed to take this wildly maimed situation comedy and turn it into something quite special.

, I'd like to detail the affect the show had on me back in 1984. As with any TV program, I found it the old-fashioned way: I stumbled upon an ad announcing its upcoming premiere in TV Guide.