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Lisa lampanelli and dating

Although he was known to move fast, be estranged from his children and possibly be on drugs, Khloe wanted him anyway.Now that the cat is out of the bag to the whole public about their failed relationship, Khloe is ready to move forward for real and get a divorce, while Lamar is ready to get his wife back.He believes that if celebrities can work out their marriages 'til death do they part, everyday non-celebrities like us will take note and perhaps follow suit.It is clear that celebrities have a profound influence on the masses whether we individually like it or not, ahem, Beyonce.Ladies love John Stamos and it seems that Amy Poehler is one of those ladies.She recently chronicled a little soiree that she and John had that didn't quite end the way you think it may have.Amy Poehler says she went on something like a date with John Stamos.They were both working on a film project and he politely asked her to join him for a night out. That's all good to us, but we have a feeling Amy Poehler may have just wanted more from the Hollywood hunk: You see, she feels like she flopped at her perhaps one chance to hookup with, date or just see where things may go with John because she didn't quite realize it was a date. Possibly he was just inviting a fellow thespian out for a bite to eat and a few laughs.

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On the other hand, Khloe is looking to see his name signed on the dotted line.Sadly, this marriage maybe was doomed to fail because it started off on faulty ground.Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have their flaws like everyone, they just need to own up to them.We've been told that she has filed for divorce and is seriously awaiting Lamar's John Hancock.He is apparently stalling 'cause he wants that old thing back, not a divorce.Well, sorry Lamar because we really believe that Khloe is wrapped in the arms of her new Moroccan man and chooses not to look back at what she had with you.Actually, she is making sure as to not re-visit the marriage by purging herself of all the scandals and lies that have come with it: Khloe: "Let me tell you something.Jimmy is also looking forward to a continued friendship with his ex, adding optimistically, "And we're leaving the marriage in much better shape than when we came in, since we each weigh 100 pounds less."Actually, Lisa lost that she'd gone from 248 pounds to a healthy 142."I feel like I've reached the weight I'm supposed to be," she said. "At least, though, the self-described "Queen of Mean" is the kind of "skinny bitch" who can end her marriage on friendly terms! is so notorious, she's known as “The Queen of Mean.” Her stand-up routines are fixed around insulting as many people as possible, with Lampanelli making un-PC remarks about race and homosexuality.Since we are the authority on all things famous relationships and we like to have fun, we just might be on board for this one..a little. Butler is the founder and president of the Society for the Prevention of Celebrity Divorce and he doesn't like that the famous just marry and divorce in the blink of an eye like it's nothing, ahem, Kim Kardashian.He thinks that celebrities in many ways are role models for others, especially those others who support and are inspired by these celebrities.


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