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I honestly feel happy at how some of the situations were portrayed perfectly. I did get a bit annoyed though because of how stupid they acted sometimes ;; But other than that, the characters were very lovable. But otani is a hopeless boy that have no idea about risa's feeling.uhm,, i love volume 17 very much!!!! The result: A light-hearted, humorous romance manga that has great character development and a unique plot.

But it's just me thinking that I'm probably not going to reread this manga anytime soon. I liked all the main pairings: Risa x Otani, Suzuki x Chiharu, and Nobu x Nakao. The premise: Risa, a first-year in high school who finds herself romantically entangled with Otani, her friend. It does a decent job of defying common shoujo stereotypes.

This manga is not a deeply profound, life-altering discourse on romance and friendship.

It's great for some laughs, and I fell in love with Risa's persona.

I still read them though, because sometimes they turn out good. When Haruka appeared and Otani acted jealous, I was hoping that the two main leads will realize their feelings soon enough and end up together. Risa realized it first and gave her best to confess to Otani but he turned her down.

I was fine with it, thinking maybe he'll realize it soon. He kept being mean to Risa and pointing out how he doesn't see her as a girl.

Even though the dialogues were said in a comical way, Idk why Risa seemed sad. I know this manga aimed to make us laugh, and it surely succeeded, but it's not one of my preferred types.The third chapter is about their first encounter and a little bit of what happens to them after the ending of Lovely Complex.*Contains a side story called Hoshi ni Natte mo Aishiteru (Even When I Become A Star, I'll Still Love You) in vol 12: Reina wakes up surprisingly in her boyfriend's room.But it seems that she passed away three days ago...It's as if all he ever thought about was himself.Though later on, he did become more mature and nice. Of course he is short and he feels awkward dating a tall girl, but I think the situation for Risa is equivalent.It took him two volumes to admit that he likes her.I know it was meant to be funny, and sometimes I laughed as well, but to be honest it felt very sad.Unlike many other shoujo mangas, Love Com has likeable characters.Risa isn't afflicted by that shoujo stupidity and romantic desperation that plagues many protagonists; Otani is not your stock supposedly-perfect-but-gets-weak-when-it-comes-to-love romantic interest.In 2004 Lovely Complex received the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo. This is a very funny manga and I have no complains regarding any character... First off, let me tell you that I've been reading a lot of oneshots lately.Maybe that's why a long series tires me out sometimes?


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