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Kim junsu and telisha shaw dating

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No, thats not donghae (well it doesnt look like him). But then i don't think Jae Joong would regret his choice for being a star now..

I believe its photoshopped too, i remember seeing this years ago. Also, im pretty sure the girl in the pics is Sora (hyuk's sister). Wasn't she the one who sings that song about banging our oppars behind our back? hahaha Wasn't she the one who sings that song about banging our oppars behind our back?

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  1. Kim Sung-soo / Kim Sung-su from My Beloved Sister. Did K-pop Star Junsu Date Dancer and K-pop Artist, Telisha Shaw?

  2. Actor Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Junsu may have stepped. MXM thanks allkpop. Prosecutors seek a sentence of 1 year and 4 months in jail for Kim Hyun.

  3. Apparently, people have been plugging “telisu”, “telisha shaw” and most disturbingly “telisha shaw junsu racism fanfic” into the search engines.

  4. Telisha Shaw, aka Telisu. Junsu AKA Xia AKA Kim Jun-su. sure you’re irritated that she made that song supposedly hinting about dating Junsu and all.

  5. Telisha Shaw, Actress Step Up 2 The Streets. Telisha D. Shaw was born was born in Memphis, TN. A talented dancer, she attended Willow Oaks Elementary.

  6. Posted in DBSK, Info Tagged interview, JYJ, Seoul Concert, Telisha Shaw, US Tour. Jaejoong, JYJ, twitter, US Tour, Xiah Junsu. B. A. P shares their dating.

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