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Katie couric dating violence

The show will feature survivors of dating abuse and the family of Yeardley Love, who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2010.“It was very moving to hear more about the Yeardley Love case and to see the resolve and love of her family as they talked about spreading awareness.” Brian described how focused the audience was on who was speaking on stage. Everyone was carefully watching the monitors – even in the green room.” For Brian, it was watching the survivors talk about their experiences that impressed him the most.In fact, 30% of teens say they have experienced dating violence, according to a survey by Liz Claiborne and the Family Violence Prevention Fund.Katie Couric recently did a segment on CBS about the issue, to let parents know what's going on with their kids, and to let you know how to identify and prevent dating violence.And the thing I've discovered is, with the advent of technology the capability to really be abusive 24/7 and to do it in a very secretive way, where parents don't have a clue, has actually increased the incidents of dating violence in this country.17: What can girls do to help each other?KC: They say that older peers can be really helpful in educating younger girls in what is acceptable and what is not and what is healthy behavior and what isn't.

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17: What are signs of dating abuse that girls should look out for?I stopped by Amy’s apartment to discuss everything that came out of her success in stand-up comedy, including starring roles in movies and on Broadway, her Comedy Central sketch series, and her best-selling memoir.We also discuss the #Me Too movement, body image issues in Hollywood, and the tragedy that sparked Amy’s involvement in gun safety activism.Follow this link to Katie’s website: Be sure to scroll down to the Join the Conversation area to see a special comment from Lynne Russell on behalf of Siobhan and DASH! Both Brian and Angelica have shared what a meaningful experience it was to be present (and even back stage! “It was an incredibly powerful episode,” said Brian.The six-part series will premiere on April 11th and I can’t wait for you all to watch and come on the journey with me.#America Inside Out #TCA18 Amy Schumer made a name— and a career— for herself with her unapologetically raunchy brand of stand-up comedy. Her segment will be on the Katie Couric website soon. Angelica, a valued advocate who has worked for The Helpline and who now answers calls for the National Domestic Violence Hotline was even filmed for her expert knowledge on the issue.So excited to share the first trailer for my upcoming series “America Inside Out” on National Geographic Channel!!For the past six months, I’ve traveled throughout the country, talking with all kinds of people about some of the most divisive topics of our time.


  1. Nearly 30 percent of teenagers say that they have experienced teen dating violence. and Family Violence Prevention Fund. Katie Couric takes an in.

  2. Katie Couric and CBS Evening News have dedicated themselves to raising awareness for teen dating abuse.

  3. While it's unfortunate that this personal drama is unfolding publicly, the incident is shining a spotlight on teen dating violence. One in five teens.

  4. Katie Couric speaks about dating abuse on seventeen.com!

  5. Nearly 30 percent of teenagers say that they have experienced teen dating violence, according to a survey by the Liz Claiborne and Family Violence Prevention Fund.

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