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Arthur’s boss and close friend Paul (Michael Kelly) becomes concerned for Arthur after he finds that Arthur is living at the construction depot with Kat.

Paul tries to help, offering Arthur the opportunity to come and live with him, which Arthur rejects.

Kat visits an unconscious Arthur and reveals that she ran away from home because her father was physically abusing her.

After she leaves, Arthur opens his eyes, having heard everything.

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At the hearing, Arthur is defended by Paul; Paul explains that Arthur is mentally underdeveloped and its best not too harsh with him.

She steps in and beats up the bully to help the victim, a boy she likes.

But instead of being grateful, he feels humiliated at being rescued “by a girl,” and gets angry at her.

However, knowing about her affiliation with Defendor, he takes her hostage and threatens Arthur against revealing anything he had learned to the police; he initially mistakes the warning as never speaking again.

Arthur decides to save Kat and once again assumes his Defendor persona.


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