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It can authenticate using either of two approaches: Auth Sub proxy authentication or Client Login username/password authentication.

For more information about authentication with Google Data APIs in general, see the authentication documentation.

Credentials = new GData Credentials("[email protected]", "secret Password"); GData GAuth Request Factory factory = (GData GAuth Request Factory) service. Account Type = "GOOGLE"; account type in order to allow proper authentication for G Suite users.

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For information about the status codes, see the Google Data API protocol reference document. Is Draft = true; Uri blog Feed Uri = new Uri(" blog Id "/posts/default"); Atom Entry created Entry = service.NET client applications that can interact with Blogger.This document assumes that you understand the general ideas behind the Google Data APIs protocol.A full working sample client, containing all the sample code shown in this document, is available in the . The sample is located at /trunk/clients/cs/samples/blogger/Console in the Source tab of the SVN repository.Before compiling and running this sample, update the values of value is the start of your blog's blogspot URL.Public feeds don't require any authentication, but they are read-only.If you want to modify blogs, then your client needs to authenticate before requesting private feeds.All of the following samples assume you have an authenticated object.Note: Setting a custom author for posts is currently not supported. First, create an method takes the service's post URL as a parameter.You may want to sign up for a Blogger account for testing purposes.Blogger uses Google Accounts, so if you already have a Google account, you're all set.


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