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The user's ID is the string of digits at the end of the user's profile URL.

The Blogger Data API allows you to create and publish new blog entries, as well as creating drafts of entries.

A full working sample client, containing all the sample code shown in this document, is available in the . The sample is located at /trunk/clients/cs/samples/blogger/Console in the Source tab of the SVN repository.

Before compiling and running this sample, update the values of value is the start of your blog's blogspot URL.

The sample client performs several operations on the provided blog to demonstrate the use of the Blogger Data API.

To compile the examples in this document into your own code, you'll need the following You can access both public and private feeds using the Blogger Data API.

In this case, you need to display some information and a link directing the user to a Google page to authenticate your request for access to their blogs.

This document is intended for programmers who want to write .For more information about registered applications and private keys, see the "Signing requests" section of the Auth Sub documentation.Your application can then use the session token value in subsequent interactions with Blogger. NET client library to automatically send the Authorization header (containing the session token) with each request, do the following: GAuth Sub Request Factory auth Factory = new GAuth Sub Request Factory("blogger", "Blogger Sample App"); auth Factory. To String(); Service service = new Service(auth Factory. Request Factory = auth Factory; Service service = new Service("blogger", "example Co-example App-1"); service.For more detailed information, see the Auth Sub documentation.When a user first visits your application, they have not yet been authenticated.NET client applications that can interact with Blogger.This document assumes that you understand the general ideas behind the Google Data APIs protocol.Auth Sub proxy authentication is used by web applications that need to authenticate their users to Google Accounts.The website operator and the client code don't have access to the username and password for the Blogger user; instead, the client obtains special Auth Sub tokens that allow the client to act on a particular user's behalf.Credentials = new GData Credentials("[email protected]", "secret Password"); GData GAuth Request Factory factory = (GData GAuth Request Factory) service. Account Type = "GOOGLE"; account type in order to allow proper authentication for G Suite users.For more information about Client Login authentication, including sample requests and responses, see the Authentication for Installed Applications documentation.


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