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Each question is aimed at revealing the presence of some emotional difficulty, maladjustment tendency, or psychosomatic reaction.

In addition to this the Thurstone equal-appearing interval scale was adopted to collect opinions, ranging from very positive to very negative about a certain object, person and activity.

On the premise that a safety culture is largely dependent on employees’ attitudes towards safety, ARL initiated a study to measure, analyze and control unsafe behaviour in the workplace.

In spite of safety management systems, policies and procedures, incident data shows that majority of misfortunes and accidents in the workplace are triggered by employees’ attitude, perceptions and patterns of behaviour such as proclivity to take shortcuts and intuitive-based decisions, bypassing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Traditionally, safety management has been top-down driven, with a tendency to make line managers responsible.

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Standardized questioning style and recording techniques in a warm and accepting environment were followed to eliminate biases.The most commonly used definition of safety culture was coined by the U. Health and Safety Commission: “The product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, and the style and proficiency of, an organization’s health and safety management” Some researchers are increasingly focusing on attitudes when defining safety, states Glendon et al, while others emphasise that safety culture is expressed through employees’ behaviour and work activities.Human behavior is a complex subject as it is linked not only to the work-place environment but is influenced by a number of external factors.Majority of the employees – 73 percent – had a score between 60 and 76 (grade B) and required group therapy.Summarized Results of Behavioural Safety Study The findings of the study were used by ARL to prioritize training needs for groups of workers, based on their behavioural patterns.Eventually, however, BSA developed an in-house question-naire on “Behavioral Safety at Workplace”, which was used as a basis for ARL’s behaviour-based study.The questionnaire was based on the Cornell Selectee Index, a question-naire designed to indicate the presence of emotional maladjus-tment, which can be answered by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.The Behavior and System Audit (BSA) Subcommittee was formed to manage the behaviour audit process, track timelines and ensure quality and follow-ups.The BSA, in 2007 carried out a thorough analysis of two years incidents and investigation data and identified that most workplace incidents occur due to unsafe and uninformed behaviour, persistence of inherited traditional beliefs and overconfidence of workers.A benchmark was obtained by alloting numbers to the highest scores in each of the eight areas with the highest number attached to the desired safety behaviour.A final benchmark of ’76′ was fixed for the most desirable safety behavior.


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