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Sofia and Ava's plans usually end up getting her in trouble. He has a huge crush on Emma and is a daredevil, taking after his adoptive parents' behavior. The son of Elizabeth and Lucky; adopted by Sam and Jason. She prefers to be called Rory and is usually pretty obedient, but sometimes gets in moods where she won't listen to anyone. She has a boyfriend named Nico who is a good, Russian boy that her family approves of.

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After DJ's birth, she was a lot more accepting of having siblings.

After waking up from his coma, he had a new perspective on life. She went to college to become a teacher and now homeschools the kids. She is trying to be a good mother, but feels bad when her son turns to her sister or stepmother instead of her.

After Michael woke up from his coma, they got married and he adopted her daughter. By then, her son already knew who she was, but they had some issues.

Her parents were initially afraid of raising a child, but quickly stepped up and they now love her more than anything.

He is best friends with Isabella, Josslyn, Addie, and Maggie.


  1. Although the "Piece of Me" singer is currently dating Sam. Jason Alexander These. were supposed to," Kevin recently shared with VLAD TV when promoting his DJ.

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