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He is a huge troublemaker, mostly because he idolizes Jake.

He is much closer to Claudia than Sonny and considers Molly to be like his older sister since she was around so much when he was little.

She is in law school at Alexis's insistence, but really wants to be an author. He has a girlfriend named Alicia that his mother hates, but everyone else loves.

He is in college for business, but isn't really sure what he wants to do. He married Ashley, adopted Emory, and went to college for business.

She looks up to her older brother and is closest to him out of her siblings.

Her parents were thrilled to have a daughter after Dominic. She is best friends with Isabella, Josslyn, Addie, and Clay.

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The live music show will be produced by James Corden's production company Fulwell 73, and hosted by Radio 1 DJ Greg James and 1 Xtra's Dotty, along with a mystery celebrity guest who will add their own twist to proceedings. No one, besides Carly and Sam, know who her father is. Her best friends are Isabella, Addie, Clay, and Maggie. She is best friends with Josslyn, Isabella, Clay, and Maggie. She prefers to be called Rory and is usually pretty obedient, but sometimes gets in moods where she won't listen to anyone. She has a boyfriend named Nico who is a good, Russian boy that her family approves of. She and the boys have a habit of sneaking out of the house, even though they know they aren't allowed. She is pretty even tempered and sweet, though she can be persuaded to help Cam and Spencer when they are doing something they aren't allowed to do. Micah and Dominic are usually pulled into his schemes and they enjoy causing chaos around the house. Seven years after moving to Russia to escape the danger in Port Charles, Ja Sam, Carly, Clauson, Scrubs, Nikolas, Brenda, Skye, Jo Max, and Lante feel like it may finally be time to go back home. After DJ's birth, she was a lot more accepting of having siblings. Her parents were initially afraid of raising a child, but quickly stepped up and they now love her more than anything. He is best friends with Isabella, Josslyn, Addie, and Maggie.


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