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The ABC understands Mr Pearson's comments were an expression of his displeasure with Education Queensland's handling of the Cape York Academy's Aurukun school.

The Aurukun school briefly closed after violent threats towards staff earlier this year.

The food and drink selection is great, featuring a large selection of bar foods such as burgers, nachos, and steak.

Plenty of drooling emoji faces online for these steaks – they really are epic!

However, the ABC has obtained several internal letters of complaint addressed to Good to Great's board members.The establishment is very large with lots of little nooks and break away areas if you fancy a quiet cosy drink!And an almost vast bar front space, if you are looking for more of a boogie later on (they have live music going 3 nights a week)! We were introduced to Richard through a mutual friend and he decided to give us a chance, which sums up the generosity of giving someone a chance!Our October Pub of the Month is Molloy’s Bar & Grill.Founded in 1933 by Martin Molloy, it is now run by the 3rd generation of the family, Richard Molloy.It has a really distinctive and hip industrial style vibe that brings in the cool cats. We try and cater for a diverse offering under one roof. Since then, we have developed a great relationship with Molloy’s especially since our collaboration beers; “All night Long” and “Fairy Ale of New York”.At the same time, it is not intimidating and doesn’t alienate the normal everyday punters, which is why is it fast become something of a local institution! You have the local men drinking pints in the racing bar, an 18th in the courtyard section, an 80th in the lounge and a family deal in The Station restaurant.” It is also largely down to the great staff some of which are considered local legends! Richard has been wonderful to us over the years, always stocking Rascals and we are very grateful for that. In celebration of this great pub, we will be holding our usual Spin The Wheel night here on the 17th November.The ABC has also confirmed two recruitment agencies in Cairns refused to supply job applicants to Good to Great because of concerns over bullying and abusive behaviour at the organisation.In response, Good to Great's Michael Andrew said "I suspect this may be about competitive envy.In the letter, Dr Watterston cautioned Mr Pearson."The behaviour displayed towards me and my staff is not conducive to a respectful and cooperative relationship, and cannot continue," he wrote.In response, Mr Pearson apologised to Dr Watterston."I am very conscious that at times that weariness makes me fractious, but I am nothing if not honest, blunt and tenacious about our cause," he wrote."You are an educator, and I am a philosopher and social reformer."The letter's revelations come after an ABC investigation reported poor business practices at Good to Great had left government funds vulnerable to fraud and official misconduct.


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