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Using my workshop model "Love and Religion: An Interfaith Workshop for Jews and their Partners" I have helped couples across the country.

The Qur’anic order is addressed to both men and women on an equal footing.

Marrying a Non – Muslim Man Since women are considered to be the second rate gender when it comes to Muslims, they are not allowed to marry a non Muslim man at all so there is nothing to talk about interfaith marriage for them.

Another reason that is usually given for this is because the man should be the head of the household.

This can be hard for a lot of people especially if men are not very particular about the teachings and if they do not believe some of the scriptures that are there.

Given the various facts that are mentioned above, it is quite obvious that interfaith marriage in Islam is possible between a Muslim and a non Muslim but there are still several rules and circumstances that would have to be given proper attention to not risk breaking the rules set by Allah as written in the Qur’an.


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