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Informatica dynamic lookup cache not updating

If you want to save and reuse the cache files, you can configure the transformation to use a persistent cache.

A Look Up cache does not change its data once built. There is no "big deal" because Informatica (generally) caches the lookup table in the very beginning of the mapping, so whatever record getting inserted to the target table through the mapping, will have no effect on the Lookup cache.Typically you do a Lookup on target (static cache) and check with every incoming customer record to determine if the customer is already existing in target or not.If the customer is not already existing in target, you conclude the customer is new and INSERT the record whereas if the customer is already existing, you may want to update the target record with this new record (if the record is updated).Hi All, I am facing some problem with target as lookup mapping. I understand this can be done in Informatica using Dynamic lookup cache. A Data Ware house is a system that extracts, cleans, Conforms, and delivers source data into a dimensional,fact data store and then supports, implements querying and analysis for the purpose of decision making.This dynamic caching will enable us to flag rows for insert,update or no change.n case of dynamic cache, when we are inserting a new row it checks the lookup cache to see if it exists, if not inserts it into the target as well as the cache but in case of static cache the new row is written only in the target and not the lookup cache.// window.onload = function () { // $(document).ready(function () { // if (document. Let's suppose you run a retail business and maintain all your customer information in a customer master table (RDBMS table).Every night, all the customers from your customer master table is loaded in to a Customer Dimension table in your data warehouse.But your data warehouse table stores the history (may be in the form of SCD Type-II).There is a map that loads your data warehouse table from the source table.


  1. A static caches the lookup. to use dynamic informatica. lookup, after updating tht record it will not.

  2. Lookup Transformation in Informatica. If the transformation uses a dynamic cache. Informatica UnConnected Lookups An unconnected lookup is not part of.

  3. Informatica Dynamic Lookup Cache. into target since Informatica lookup's static cache can not detect that the. Updating a master customer.

  4. In dynamic lookup transformation, Ignore NULL inputs for updates option works as follows When updating Dynamic Lookup cache, Lookup transformation compares each port.

  5. I understand this can be done in Informatica using Dynamic lookup cache. Equivalent of Dynamic Lookup Cache in. where you are updating the.

  6. I'm using a Dynamic Lookup Cache for UPDATING A Employee Master Table with new and updated Employee information. Following properties are being

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