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Informatica dynamic lookup cache not updating consolidating private student loans bad credit

The first time the Integration Service runs a session using a persistent lookup cache, it saves the cache files to disk instead of deleting them.

The next time the Integration Service runs the session, it builds the memory cache from the cache files.

Hi All, I am facing some problem with target as lookup mapping. I understand this can be done in Informatica using Dynamic lookup cache.

A Data Ware house is a system that extracts, cleans, Conforms, and delivers source data into a dimensional,fact data store and then supports, implements querying and analysis for the purpose of decision making.

Let's suppose you run a retail business and maintain all your customer information in a customer master table (RDBMS table).

Every night, all the customers from your customer master table is loaded in to a Customer Dimension table in your data warehouse.

You can share an unnamed cache between transformations in the same mapping.

You can share a named cache between transformations in the same or different mappings.

The lookup transformation is created with following type of ports Input port (I)Output port (O)Look up Ports (L)Return Port (R)The lookup transformation support horizontal merging such as equijoin and non equijoin.

If there is no match for the lookup condition, the Integration Service returns the default value for all output ports.

Informatica Un Connected Lookups An unconnected lookup is not part of mapping data flow It is neither connected to the source nor connected to the target An unconnected look up transformation can receive the multi input ports but returns singleoutput port which is designated by return port (R)An unconnected look up transformation is commonly used when the look is not need for every record.

If you want to save and reuse the cache files, you can configure the transformation to use a persistent cache.

Use a persistent cache when you know the lookup table does not change between session runs.


  1. Lookup Transformation in Informatica. If the transformation uses a dynamic cache. Informatica UnConnected Lookups An unconnected lookup is not part of.

  2. Informatica Dynamic Lookup Cache. into target since Informatica lookup's static cache can not detect that the. Updating a master customer.

  3. In dynamic lookup transformation, Ignore NULL inputs for updates option works as follows When updating Dynamic Lookup cache, Lookup transformation compares each port.

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