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Indiana legal age difference for dating

This is also the minimum age of the other person legally permitted to engage in sexual activity.Having sex with a person who is younger than the age of consent (but who agrees to have sex) is called statutory rape.The laws are almost always affected by a nation's culture. European countries generally range from 14yrs to 16yrs.In the United States, the age varies from 16 to 18.

This allows for people under of consent but above a certain age to have sex with people as long as there older partner is either less than a certain age or the difference in age is a certain number of years.

The age of consent may also vary if one of the people is in a position of authority over the other.

For example, if the older person was a teacher of the "victim", the age may be higher than for other people, an example of this is Indiana where the age where a person can have sex is 16 except if the older partner is a teacher at the "victim's" high school, in which case the age limit is 18.

If the two people are married, the age is often lower.

Age of consent can also be affected by the type of sex or the sex of the person.


  1. Statutes governing Indiana's age of consent. Indiana Statutory Rape Laws. The information provided on this site is not legal advice.

  2. Statutory Rape Laws by State. Indiana § 35-42-4-3 § 35-52. with consent between someone age 17 to 19 and someone age 15 to 17 when the difference in their.

  3. When It Comes To Dating, Do Age Differences Matter. when two people actually go on a date, the age difference might not have as much importance as other.

  4. The ages of consent in North America for. For example, in Indiana the age of consent is 16 but it is. This does not apply if the age difference is less than 5.

  5. Most countries have laws that say what the legal age of consent. in Indiana the age of consent for. less than a certain age or the difference in age is a.

  6. Indiana Administrative Code Page 37 Rule 4.7. Child Care Centers; Licensing. “Maximum age range” means the maximum difference in age between the youngest and.

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