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Amateur Radio SSB bandwidths can vary depending on the transceiver being used.

As a bare minimum, I first of all recommend acquiring a transceiver that is at least capable of 3k Hz out of the box before any EQing.

The idea they have is this: The flatter, the better! The typical Amateur Radio SSB audio has a very emphasized midrange characteristic to it by design, especially in the 400Hz ~ 1k Hz area.

Another attribute with this kind of audio is a severely rolled off bottom end below 300Hz and a tight roll-off above 2.5k Hz.

If possible, you should use a twisted, 4-conductor, 95% shielded (or better) cable in a balanced configuration throughout your transmitter audio rack.

This type of cable is known as "Starquad" and is available at many musical outlets for about 50 cents per foot.

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(See the "" page for some of these web sites.) AM broadcast audio has, by nature, a very wide open, more pleasing sound than the typical Amateur SSB station, with little emphasis on the upper midrange frequencies from 1k Hz ~ 3k Hz.- In some systems, it may be advantageous to just use an unbalanced wiring configuration throughout the entire rack.The advantage to this, if not all the equipment has Balanced connectors, is that you don't have to worry about any Bal to Unbal (or vice-versa) conversion problems.However, a completely unbalanced rack will not have the Hum rejection advantages of a completely Balanced wiring scheme!- As a last resort, you can just simply wire for a Pseudo- Balanced connection as shown below in figure 2.Sure, it can be done with wiring configurations, but there are technical problems with this unless you plan on using several good audio transformers to make the proper conversions.This is why I recommend either a rack that is completely Balanced or completely Unbalanced and not mixing the two schemes.This page was designed to step you through the several different aspects of setting up your transmit audio from component ordering to individual processor settings necessary in achieving that ultimate SSBaudio that you have been looking for.First, let me set the record straight; If you are looking for near AM broadcast quality audio on SSB, then this page was designed for you!This would provide maximum ground-loop isolation preventing annoying hum and buzz while also providing great RFI immunity.However, this can be costly when using premium grade transformers like the ones made by Jensen.


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