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Hanoi dating website

I got bored with my office job and wanted to give something back to society, help students practice their English, and with that, get a better chance on a bright future.

After doing some research I found out that all respected companies require you to have a TEFL certificate.

FOOD - A plate of rice on the street can go for as much as $ 1 USD, a cheap beer also a dollar, cinema ticket USD, an expensive western meal would cost you or USD if you really splurge. I would definitely recommend teaching English in Vietnam.

Before you come make sure you read up on the internet and get the required documentation and make sure it is legalized/certified.

The instructor gave constructive feedback and could be reached through mail and on certain hours through chat. For the practicum part, I tutored an Armenian girl which was a great experience where I learned to put all theory into practi As a first time ever teacher, the TEFL course gave me the right tools to start. As soon as you get your license, you really start to learn how to drive.

I felt that the TEFL course gave me a good foundation and the confidence to start visa. Make sure you have all your certificates and diplomas certified/legalized.

They happened to have a special offer that month so I decided to go for it.

It has always been in the back of my mind to go abroad and teach English.The verdant lakeside areas, especially around the central Lake of the Restored Sword and the West Lake, are noted for their tranquility and beauty.Famous landmarks not to miss include the One-Pillar Pagoda built in 1049 AD, the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, Ba Dinh Square and the Co Loa Citadel dating from the third century BC.Besides that, knowing how to speak English doesn't make you a good English teacher.I searched on the internet and ran into International TEFL Academy.Depending on the country, these prices may be shown exclusive of tax, including VAT only, or with all taxes included (VAT and tourist tax included).Where prices are shown exclusive of all taxes, the taxes (VAT and/or tourist tax) will be specified during the next steps of the booking process.They require a bachelor's degree or higher with a TEFL (or comparable) certificate.Vietnam just changed the immigration rules so by the looks of it, we have to do a visa run after the 3 mo Currently I work just under 20 hours which is considered full time. I am working in a language center and have classes ranging in age between 6 and 14.This is ve There is a useful facebook group for Hanoi, it's called Hanoi Massive. GETTING AROUND - The Vietnamese love their motorbikes and it is the best way to move around.I bought a bicycle and find this a great way to get through the city once you are confident enough (they don't obey the traffic rules and a red light is ignored often), wear a face mask though. There is a big expat community and easy to meet up both expats and local people.


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