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Great sphinx dating

Who could have possibly carved the Great Sphinx before 5000 BC?

Theories that go against Hawass’ findings put carving of the Sphinx thousands of years before the 4th Dynasty. Hawass has said that none of these theories (regarding an earlier date) “has any basis in fact.” One of the prevailing arguments for the Great Sphinx being older than the Old Kingdom is that some of the erosion on the Sphinx appears to have been caused by water. Robert Schoch of Boston University studied the erosion and says that it appears to have been made by heavy rainfall.

Facing true north and at the direct center of earth’s landmass, the Great Pyramid is still the most accurate aligned structure in existence.

While these issues remain unsolved, perhaps this latest discovery is even more impressive.

Recent research suggests the Great Pyramid, Sphinx and surrounding Giza plateau have suffered heavy floods, indicating the structures may be thousands of years older than first thought.

Traces of water erosion could also potentially prove that the Pyramids and Sphinx may even pre-date ancient Egypt. In addition to not understanding just how these were built without the use of modern technology, scientists are also baffled by its precision and location.


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