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#8 Using one-word texts like “k,” “fine,” and “good,” without capitalization or punctuation is a turn-off. Using this as a passive aggressive way to start a fight is also one of the markers of an unhappy relationship.#9 Too much intense and flirty texting can scare away a person. after the first date, or before you even see each other in person.

Stick to actual conversations and not silence fillers.

Many couples reported that they felt less happy when their partners used texting to solve relationship problems.

They preferred to discuss things out in the open, yet their partners opted to hide behind their screens. This could be because men consider work one of their highest priorities.

Not everyone does this, but apparently a majority of the general population do. People meet in person, or online, add each other through Facebook and then briefly *other times, not so briefly* study each other’s profile. #14 When someone relies too much on texting, they are much unhappier in their relationships.

When a person finds joy in texting and then feels despair when it’s not there, it’s a sign that the relationship itself is not what’s fueling the happiness they need.


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