Fun facts dating love

” The concept of texting didn’t peak until the early 2000’s.

That was when cell phone companies started offering texting with their service plans.

In this case, they provide affection through texting.

#12 Scientists have predicted how people interact with their significant others through text. These days, there’s no guarantee that only the guy does it. Texting continues until someone asks the other to meet in person. One of the saddest statistics I’ve ever read, but the numbers do not lie.

#3 Men who text more are unhappier in their relationships.

This could be connected to men’s egos, since their primal instincts program them to expect rewards when they provide for their mate.

It means that for all the people who were born in the month of October, their traditional birthstone is Opal. It was believed in the ancient days that the opal had the power of giving foresight and clairvoyance to the wearer. Opal is also believed to bring beauty and happiness to the wearer. It will also improve your creativity and imagination.

Here are a few fun facts about this birthstone you ought to read. The word ‘opal’ is derived from the word ‘opalus’ which means precious stone in Latin. Because of these reasons, opals were very popular among royalty who used them in their necklaces and head wear. Opal birthstone signifies innocence, hope, purity and confidence. If you wear your birthstone opal, it is supposed to bring positive changes in you, such as, your talent will grow to new heights. Your optimistic spirit will increase and help you in life.


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