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..don't worry, things will become easier and clearer as you go, and if you have any problems, there will always be other Wikipedians happy to help, see Wikipedia: Requests for more information.

There are some resources set forth below to help you get started. -- The Wikipedia Welcoming Committee If you would like to get a good overview of the project and how it works you could read through the introductory page which is found at Wikipedia: Contributing to Wikipedia.

To find your way around the encyclopedia, either enter a term into the search box at the top-right side of the screen, or go to Wikipedia's table of contents.

Clicking on links like this one will take you to relevant or related pages.

We even have an online newspaper, The Signpost, that reports on developments that affect the encyclopedia and its community, from within and abroad.

Wiki Projects are social groups of contributors (anyone may join them), who work together as a team to improve Wikipedia.

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Wikipedia does not employ hard-and-fast rules and there is no need to read any page before editing.

There are some other "Tables of Contents" type pages on Wikipedia.

They are: Wikipedia also has an alphabetical index of all of its articles, and a categorical index of most of them.

The first issue of The Signpost was published on 10 January 2005.

If you are interested in becoming a Signpost contributor see the Signpost content guidance page for more details.


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