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A spokesman for Vanquis said: ‘Whilst being unemployed does not automatically preclude someone from being accepted for credit, in most cases it would make it less likely that they will be accepted.’Fiona Hoyle, of the Finance and Leasing Association, said: ‘Each lender will have their own specific way of checking their customers’ credit worthiness, and this is taken very seriously because, ultimately, it is not in their interest to provide credit to anyone who cannot make the repayments.’Yorkshire Bank said it reviewed a customer’s employment situation, income, existing debts, credit rating and other commitments such as rent and bills when considering an application.

The biggest danger on the horizon for Britain’s robust economy is our credit card-fuelled borrowing binge.

He added: ‘It’s time for the Government and the Bank of England to step in.’A Lloyds spokesman said: ‘Whilst we do not quote a minimum income threshold for credit card applicants, this is one of a number of factors considered as part of an affordability assessment.‘All of our lending decisions are driven by our commitment to be a low-risk, responsible lender.’A spokesman for Barclaycard said: ‘Affordability is much more than just a factor of income.

The taxman said absorbing the cost of these fees would damage its service and leave taxpayers worse off.

Andrew Snowdon, partner at UHY Hacker Young, the national accountancy group, said: ‘It beggars belief that HMRC would take such a customer-unfriendly approach – using a credit card may be the only way some taxpayers can afford to pay their tax bills.‘The ban comes at a tough time in the economy and is insensitive to say the least.

Instead of finding a way to implement the new rules, HMRC has simply dropped a mainstream payment method.’HMRC sent out written warnings with tax bills earlier this month, saying: ‘From January 13, 2018, HMRC will no longer accept payment by personal credit card.

HMRC said: ‘New rules mean that we can no longer pass on what our bank charges for processing a credit card payment.

It would be unfair to expect other taxpayers to pick up this cost.


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  2. Jul 2, 2015. To open a credit card dispute, you send a letter explaining the situation along with copies of receipts or other evidence you have to your credit card. If you disagree with their assessment of the situation, you are legally allowed to not pay the disputed amount, though the creditor is free to attempt to collect.

  3. Mar 31, 2017. Banks are helping fuel a dangerous debt binge by offering credit cards to families with little or no income. In addition, the Bank could order high street lenders to restrict the amount consumers can borrow, which would free up more cash for lending to small businesses, exporters, and the technology and.

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