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Free sex for life hookup no credit card needed

His left hand was stroking her hair and lightly touching the back of her neck which gave her instant goose bumps on her skin.She thought to herself how his touch was missed and welcomed after their time away from each other.It was like a dense winter fog had rolled in, creating an electricity in the air.

In the kitchen with the kids playing in the other room, she could feel him ease up behind her, his warm, sweet breath rolling across her neck, his strong hands reaching around her, inching their way up her legs to her full breasts beneath her light pink cotton shirt.

They were instantly connected, like two pieces of an ancient puzzle waiting to be placed together.

His hazel eyes were on her, and she could feel them processing her body, which made her heart beat like a bass drum in her chest.

Instantly it was inserted deep inside which made her momentarily jump with astonishment because it felt so good.

Her pussy throbbed with each thrust of his body, she felt as if she would explode.


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