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Other methods use continuous frequency shifting (a very small amount) to prevent frequency build up and feedback before it happens. femto- Prefix for one thousandth of one trillionth (10), abbreviated f.Fender, Clarence Leonidas "Leo" (1909-1991) American inventor and entrepreneur who founded the Fender Electric Instrument Company in 1946 and invented the legendary Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars.

fall time A voice in a register higher than a person's usual register, resulting from a change in the way the vocal cords are vibrated. An animated Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time.

It may be equipped with any of the available systems for the left-hand manual.

In comparison with a piano keyboard, the keys are more rounded, smaller, and lighter to the touch.

These go vertically down the side, pointing inward, toward the bellows, making them accessible to only one hand while handling the accordion.

Another source claimed the first piano accordion was introduced in 1854 at the Allegemeine Deutsche Industrieausstellung in Munich.


  1. A Schrammel accordion German Schrammelharmonika is an accordion with a melody right hand keyboard in the chromatic B-Griff system and a twelve-button.

  2. Full text of "Scottish notes and queries" See other formats.

  3. However from 1939 to 1969 they marketed their own instruments which were known as the ``University Organ'' and were. so give no more useful dating.

  4. DAILY LIFE IN THEAGE OF SAIL The Greenwood Press "Daily Life Through History" Series The Ancient Egyptians b.

  5. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Vintage Accordions. Rare Antique French Flutina Accordion. possibly dating around the 1970s.

  6. Volume 20 Issue 4 October 2016 WHEATLEY HILL FLUTINA. thousands and thousands of glass-plate photographs dating back to the early days of photography and.

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