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Douglas was the lead author on a report called the Greater Seattle Civic Health Index.

Her report used US Census data and supplemental census reports to measure civic engagement in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

'Us Versus Them' Bartender Michael Kostin is positive that the Seattle Freeze is real.

“We don’t know what causes it or why it happens, but it does exist,” Kostin said.

Kostin played out an example: “You’re not from Seattle so you’re not one of us. Lots of anecdotes, but is there any real hard proof that the Freeze actually exists?

You’re a transplant and therefore you are on the outside of everything.” To challenge that chilly theory all you have to do is turn to Kostin’s co-host and self-proclaimed trivia mistress Joni Ross. Diane Douglas is the executive director of Seattle City Club and she said yes, absolutely.

‘Neglectful Of The Stranger In Our Midst’ To understand what the Seattle Freeze is, first you have to define it.

Technology has greatly changed the way people date and when singles go out, they want to have fun with their friends and not necessarily to meet someone.She hopes the stories will help connect neighborhoods and be models of civic engagement. Do Pacific Northwesterners have an accent and what does it sound like?Bartender Kostin has another suggestion for nudging up the mercury on the Seattle Freeze. “Getting involved and being around people and being around the same people all the time, and eventually they start to warm up to you." So the key to thawing the Seattle Freeze? Listener Molly in Tacoma asked that question as part of KUOW's Local Wonder series. Why is there so much prostitution on Aurora Avenue in North Seattle?Douglas wants to keep that 12th Man spirit alive: When Seattleites talked to strangers, made eye contact, bonded over the shared goal of cheering the Seahawks on to a Super Bowl victory. For KUOW Public Radio’s Local Wonder project, I embarked on a strange journey that took me to the heart of this vast lake that separates Seattle from the Eastside.To do that, the Seattle City Club is starting a program aimed at telling civic stories. What I learned was astonishing, often gross and, on occasion, heartbreaking.“Even though Seattleites will swear it doesn’t happen here, it does.” Kostin is a member of Seattle Anti-Freeze, a local Meetup Group with over 4,000 members.The Anti-Freezers gather at various social events around the city: from laughing yoga to walking tours.When John Reese moved from northern Illinois to Seattle last year he kept hearing people talking about the Seattle Freeze. In fact, he says people are nicer here than they are back home. Apparently, newcomer Reese might be one of the lucky ones, because more than a dozen people wanted us to investigate the Seattle Freeze. “I’ve heard that people don’t make friends, but I don’t seem to have a problem doing it.” As part of KUOW’s Local Wonder series, our audience took to social media to ask us questions about life in the Puget Sound region and then vote on what topic they most wanted to hear about.We in turn put the question to people on KUOW’s Facebook page and received a variety of responses."I think the Seattle Freeze is a myth," wrote Torie Hightower.


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