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The historical figure and her fate were often used in the arts to make a moral point, but there was often as well a prurient fascination with her sexually-liberated behaviour.The ambivalent attitude to Messalina can be seen in the late mediaeval French prose work in the J.Paul Getty Museum illustrated by the Master of Boucicaut, Tiberius, Messalina, and Caligula reproach one another in the midst of flames.It recounts a dialogue that takes place in hell between the three characters from the same imperial line.Georges Rochegrosse's painting of 1916 is a reprise of the same scene.A mourning woman dressed in black leaves with her face covered as a soldier drags back Messalina's head, watched by a courtier with the order for execution in his hand.Messalina's grandmothers Claudia Marcella and Antonia Major were half sisters.

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There was, therefore, a large amount of inbreeding in the family.In this scene of vigorous action, a Roman soldier pulls back his arm to stab the Empress while fending off her mother.A witness in armour observes calmly from the shadows in the background.Her husband is represented as easily led by her and unconscious of her many adulteries.In 48 AD, he went away on a trip and was informed when he returned that Messalina had gone so far as to marry her latest lover, Senator Gaius Silius.Little is known about Messalina's life prior to her marriage in 38 to Claudius, her first cousin once removed, who was then about 48 years old.Two children were born as a result of their union: a daughter Claudia Octavia (born 39 or 40), a future empress, stepsister and first wife to the emperor Nero; and a son, Britannicus.Upon hearing the news, the Emperor did not react and simply asked for another chalice of wine.The Roman Senate then ordered a damnatio memoriae so that Messalina's name would be removed from all public and private places and all statues of her would be taken down.When the Emperor Caligula was murdered in 41, the Praetorian Guard proclaimed Claudius the new emperor and Messalina became empress.With her accession to power, Messalina enters history with a reputation as ruthless, predatory and sexually insatiable.


  1. The decision came after the 2018 Japanese Figure Skating Championships concluded in Tokyo. Hanyu, 23, was absent from the competition due to ongoing treatment for an.

  2. To call a woman 'a Messalina' indicates a devious and sexually voracious personality. The historical figure and her fate were often used in the arts to make a moral.

  3. If you only pay attention to figure skating once every four years, you’re missing out on one of the most passionately-practiced sporting events in the world. To get.

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