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In 1926, at the age of 66, Joiner decided to move south, to Texas, believing there was oil in Rusk County, though geologists advised him otherwise. Joiner abandoned the well, and then on April 14, 1928, he formed another syndicate from another lease block of 500 acres and sold certificates of interest.In the summer of 1927, Joiner, now 67 years old, took mineral leases on several thousand acres of Texas land, intending to sell certificates of interest. This financed his second well, known as the Bradford No. I want to date and eventually marry a christian woman that is in shape and tries to stay some what active and has a lot of energy. I want to continue living a humble life and serve my Lord. I'm a happy, inspirational woman that enjoys laughing. I have a few hobbies but nothing that monopolizes my time really.2 reached a depth of 2,518 feet at which point the drill pipe twisted off and blocked the hole.On May 8, 1929, driller Ed Laster moved the rig to a new location, 375 feet from the second site, and spudded Bradford No. On September 5, 1930, at a depth of 3,592 feet in the Woodbine sand, the well flowed live oil and gas on a drill stem test.

He then sought to reverse his losses in the Oklahoma oil fields as a wildcatter, and drilled the first of about 100 wells in Seminole, Oklahoma in 1913. After drilling for six months with no oil findings, the hole was lost to a stuck pipe, at about 1,098 feet.He was elected to the Tennessee state legislature, serving until 1891.He subsequently moved to the Armore, Oklahoma area in 1897 in search of inexpensive land, and by 1906 had purchased 12,000 acres of farmland.Often times scammers claim to be in the military or working overseas as a reason to not meet you in person.Gunny Moore, an East Texas man, is looking for love, and he has the front yard sign to prove it.Hopefully Moore finds what he’s looking for, and if he does, maybe we’ll see more unconventional yard signs in the future from singles across the state.The East Texas oil and gas industry dates from the 1930s, and continues to this day to be an important part of the economy and job market of Tyler, as well as Longview, Kilgore, Marshall, Henderson, Gladewater, Van, Jacksonville and other cities and towns.“They use this feigned devotion to swindle thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars from their prey”.Targeting single and widowed men and women, love scammers are setting up fake profiles committing anywhere from three to twelve months to woo their victims into emptying their pockets.The initial production was 300 barrels per day; the well was completed on October 5, 1930.The well is located on CR 4136, on the west side of Miller Lake, and is accessible from Texas Highway 64 to the south ... It is also accessible via Highway 323 to the north. Malcolm Crim of Kilgore believed there was more oil to be found in the area.


  1. Jan 23, 2018. A Texas Most Wanted Fugitive with ties to Tyler and East Texas has been arrested.

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