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Drupal 7 aggregator not updating single catholic dating clubs

So in summary the solution I gave above had already been applied.

However, another avenue to explore is cron job time out.

In my situation I have a of feeds so it could be taking the job invoked by the cron a long time to update all of them.

Here is another possible solution to extend the time alloted to running a job triggered by cron, a cron job: To quote: The number at the end is the number of seconds a program can run before timing out.

My host provider was kind enough to enable this function (after I told them it was now part of Drupal 7 core) but they offered the opinion that this was a security compromise." "A word or warning", Drupal API Documentation Work with them or switch hosts.

I have several feeds setup in the Feed Aggregator ( admin/config/services/aggregator ) in Drupal 7.

You might want to also check the permissions, both within Drupal and in your website's tmp/cache folders.

Aggregator allows your site to consume feeds from other sites and display that information on your site. Now click the add feed button to create a new imported feed. Navigate to the blocks page at admin/structure/blocks and under the disabled section, you will see your feed listed. Activate your block, configure your block, and place it where you want it.To subscribe to an RSS feed on another site, go to Configuration, choose Web Services, then Aggregator (admin/config/services/aggregator).My site is taking a feed from hourly intervals, but when the aggregator runs via cron (or even through the UI) no items are updated.In my particular situation, my host provider had ftp_connect() enabled but had disabled a whole bunch of native php functions which they viewed as security risks." "D7 uses the functions stream_socket_client(), fread(), fwrite(), stream_set_timeout(), and stream_get_meta_data().[...] In my case (as it turns out), my hosting provider had disabled [...] stream_socket_client().Setting it to 0 means "never timeout" which you should use very carefully, like on a development site where you have control over the server.Update 2 - and likely solution and root cause The cause of the problem likely stems from a corrupt database causing errors when the cron job is run.Details and remedy here: Update 3 After following the above instructions you may still see the feeds not updating. Last night, I downloaded, installed, and configured my new Drupal container (https://hub.docker.com/_/drupal/) from scratch in my old Debian oldstable/Jessie box. )'s frontend before, I decided to try my own setup, learn Docker, and Drupal v8. I am having problems getting my two external RSS news aggregators to show up in Drupal's home page with one test post. I cannot get RSS feed to show on Drupal 7.14 page, feed does not show any items.Feed url: added feed url in Feed aggregator with no problems, and feed name is shown in 'Feed overview' list, but when I clicked on 'update items' link, I got message: Is that the only feed that's happening on?


  1. Jan 10, 2010. First of all, we're going to set up the Aggregator module so that it can handle the RSS feeds for us. Step 1 Go to. Step 5 Click "Save" and then "update items". That will load the latest. Step 7 More than likely, you will need to click "Configure" next to the block and choose a new title. Aggregator creates a.

  2. Oct 4, 2012. No, Aggregator is not an animal in Florida that eats people. Aggregator. Click update items in the OSTraining tutorials row and you'll see that content has been imported and the details updated. If you want to permanently import RSS feeds as content, try the Feeds module

  3. Aggregator. Aggregator allows your site to consume feeds from other sites and display that information on your site. This functionality is part of Drupal core. Now the time. Update interval - How often do you want your Drupal site to go out there and check for new feeds? News items. Our feed did not show up. After a bit of.

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