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Dr laura schlessinger dating advice

Newman added that IEG was confident it had published the pictures legally.

The Seattle-based firm said that it bought the photos from Bill Ballance, a retired radio personality.

She grew up in Brooklyn and on Long Island, the daughter of Monroe Schlessinger, a Jewish civil engineer, and his Italian war bride, Yolanda Ceccovini.

Laura's hostility toward mixed relationships has primal roots; when her parents married, her father's family reacted poisonously because Yolanda wasn't Jewish.

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A black belt in karate, she seems tense, coiled, and ready to pounce: "I'm like a panther," she says. To a woman whose boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion, Schlessinger snaps, "You got knocked up by a guy who wanted to kill your child? She is tolerant of homosexuality, which she believes is not unusually an individual's decision. Steve, another caller, is married with children but believes he is gay. "Although Schlessinger is almost always riled up, some days she's on a real tear. "Since you're so smart, maybe you could be our judge and jury," implores Wendy. "I'm hoping."Often Schlessinger weighs in with a diagnosis before callers have a chance to explain the facts. There is a similar absence of medical and legal context. "You called for my opinion," she says, "Why would you argue with me? But the others seem to be up for grabs, since she insists that the commandments must be understood metaphorically as well as literally. Laura maintains that character assassination is tantamount to murder; in that case she may have some explaining to do on Judgement Day, which she firmly believes in.

Ballance told IEG he photographed Schlessinger in 1978, while he was having an affair with her during her first marriage.

IEG is best known as the site that was to have hosted the bogus "Our First Time" site (which was to have featured two teenagers losing their virginity online).

Schlessinger argued that because the photographs were of her, she owned their copyright.

Schlessinger's attorneys did not return phone calls seeking comment."The copyright claim was bogus," Newman said.


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