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And some of the other guest lecturers are truly outstanding: in the advanced series (which, again, is highly recommended) he has a woman come in who teaches women about how to land men, and the information she provides is excellent albeit challenging.

And the guest speakers who are good and receive good feedback are invited back.

Being attractive to women can be a tricky thing if you feel like you’re not attractive in the first place.

According to dating guru David De Angelo, attraction is not a choice.

If you want a date, then you have to look attractive to a girl.

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Launch Your Love Life Interviews 5 Best opening Lines to Spark Attraction 5 Ways to Get a Date Now and Kiss Test Report by David De Angelo Normally sells for .00. Online, you’ll see it abbreviated CF, and its discussed on all the bulletin boards, and used, to varying degrees, by almost all pickup artists.This is simply put, one of the most powerful tools ever created by any pick up artist.“Approaching Women” is a comprehensive guide to how to meet women in any sort of environment.All of those are highly recommended and will reward multiple listenings.You don’t go telling yourself you should be attracted to this certain girl, because you simply can’t.You are attracted to a girl because you simply are. That is exactly applicable to the opposite sex as well.(Although I’ve heard great things about the experiences people who attended his lectures have had, after hours, learning from David’s various guest lecturers informally.) This is not a criticism.In fact, sometimes it makes much of his work timeless.All of his seminars follow a similar pattern: De Angelo will introduce his topic, ask his students to commit to working on this area of their lives, and then give several hours of lectures himself.He’ll then bring in a series of guest lecturers, who’ll each speak for an hour or so, before he summarizes things himself.


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