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Dennis bolling dating

Mike Burton, Jana Marie Hupp as Mike's wife Nancy, Lesley Boone as their friend Molly Hudson, and Justin Long as awkward high-school student Warren Cheswick.

Other supporting cast members included Michael Genadry and Ginnifer Goodwin as Warren's friends Mark and Diane, and Michael Ian Black, Mike Starr, Rachel Cronin, and (later) Daryl Mitchell as the employees of Stuckeybowl, Ed's bowling alley.

Upon his arrival, he is reunited with friends that he has missed, as well as Carol Vessey, a woman he had a crush on in high school.

earning him the undesired nickname "The Bowling Alley Lawyer" which leads him to make a distinction to a judge during one of his first trials: "I am a lawyer, I own a bowling alley.

and, apparently, the bowling date is right up his alley.

The opening sequence showed Ed driving past the Rialto movie theater in the downtown of Westfield.

Stuckeybowl was actually the former Country Club Lanes in Northvale, NJ, and also served as the show's headquarters.

S., although the end credits list "Next Year" as the opening theme.

A framed Foo Fighters poster hung on the wall of Stuckeyville High School principal Molly Hudson's office.


  1. Phil comes up with the idea to combine Ed's legal knowledge with bowling and Ed. He later is seen dating. He eventually comes to realize that Ed is not Dennis.

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