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We are not a dating agency, believing we offer something better, which provides a more natural manner in which to make friends and meet someone special. As we have been established since the 1990′s, we can offer a large number of enjoyable services and events. You can speak to us in person on the phone, you can text us once you are a member, you can follow us on Twitter, and you can see our photos online and in Social Group Magazine. We are primarily a socialising organisation / group of friends. We aim some of our events at the 20′s, 30′s age group… We aim some of our events at the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s age group… By making ourselves the focus of The Social Group, with one male and one female perspective, it’s our hope you’ll feel this makes things more approachable and easy to feel you have two friends to start with. For Andrew’s Twitter page @AHaglington, CLICK HERE! For Andrew & Cathy’s Social Group Twitter page @Andrewand Cathys, CLICK HERE! You’ll find we are on hand to host many of the dining out events, take part in most of the party nights, join in with many of the days out, are there on the ground to start off lots of the activities, and even go on the group holidays which are organised for members! For Cathy’s Twitter page @Cathy Haglington, CLICK HERE! For Andrew & Cathy’s Social Group website, CLICK HERE! So I wanted to start a kik group for people 21 years old or older.We'll check in with each other everyday; weigh ins, food intake, craving support, exercise accountability, etc.

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To view Social Group Holidays Photos from Las Vegas & Wild West National Parks, CLICK HERE!

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