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However M-30 is almost an official Mauser designation, as is Schnellfeuer (more properly, Schnellfeuer-pistole).

The unofficial names used by modern collectors are relatively well-known but vary somewhat in practice.

Ninety five percent of the guns made were one or another of these variants - Most of the terminology is not entirely standardized.

And most of it is modern - Mauser never sold a new gun as a Prewar Commercial, for instance.

are often bandied about, but Mauser never sold the guns as such, and the production dates can't be established with certainty.

A few contracts have known dates, such as the Italian contract for 5000 guns (1899) and the Prussian contract for 150,000 guns (1916).

Stable Production Period is a new term - it doesn't appear in the books. There have been attempts to blame this vandalism on American troops, but for several reasons I don't buy it.

No military or police force anywhere is known to carry the C-96 - the last ones I've heard about were the ceremonial guards at Mao's tomb.

But mention collectors, and you'll see combat a-plenty - it's the inevitable cage match between the Aristotelians and the Platonists, the "splitters" and the "lumpers".

These had all pretty much disappeared by the time serial numbers reached the 40,000 range (very approximately, 1905 - possibly as early as 1902, though I doubt it; lacking documentation, it's all guesswork), and so constitute a very small fraction of the total production of well over a million pistols.

If we eliminate this small percentage of early pistols, a mere half-dozen major variants remain.


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