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Dating the boss

Coworkers might also get jealous and try to sabotage you on the job (lame, but it happens).Plus, if there's a company policy against it or someone can prove that you've gotten perks as the result of being the boss's girl, you're jeopardizing both of your careers. Get a new job ASAP, advises career expert Alexandra Levit, author of Blind Spots: The 10 Business Myths You Can't Afford to Believe on Your New Path to Success.You also need to understand how the management may react to such situations.You need to understand that your career is far more important than a new relationship.

Do you feel both parties will be able to keep it strictly professional and not let it affect your work?Therefore, find out what you are getting into before you decide to take the relationship forward.Here are some tips to date your boss without damaging your career.So, here's what to do if your manager asks you out: "First, clarify if it is strictly platonic or not," says Kerr. For example, maybe someone has canceled at the last minute and the boss has an extra ticket to a concert or sporting event and thought it would something you'd enjoy." Even in such a scenario, though, recognize that this could be easy fodder for the gossip mongers.You need to consider appearances and how comfortable you'd be if word spread around your office that you attended a personal function with your boss.Kerr suggests meeting with your boss in a neutral setting away from all distractions and colleagues."Have an honest discussion about your feelings." Keep the tone and conversation positive by stressing how much you respect your boss, enjoy your work, and how you don't want anything to inadvertently get in the way of your professional development.If you believe that "love conquers all" then ask yourself, and your boss, whether one of you would be willing to transfer to another department or even take a position outside the company in order to avoid any conflict of interest and keep the relationship alive, Kerr says.If you are interested and curious enough to consider a first date, check with your human resources department on what the company policy is, Kerr advises.Once you're settled in your new gig, you can pursue the relationship—and then you won't have to worry about the stress that comes with dating the boss.Romance is in the air this time of year — which can drive people to think with their heart instead of their head.


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