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Some groups have accused e Harmony of rejected people for other reasons.Here is an interesting article that appeared in the "Moreover, people often start out with inherent biases that some services have incorporated into their formulas, because after all, it is a business that aims to satisfy its customers.What if one of the few women who don't care about a guys height signs up? What if a guy over 50 posts an ad looking for women his age?To satisfy what most older customers want by providing women in their 20s and 30s will a 50 year old guy receive a bunch of matches in their 20s and 30s? On April 2, 2007 the National Association of Short Statured Adults, inc (NOSSA) demanded a boycott of e Harmony and other groups have sued e Harmony alleging discrimination for various reasons.How about being taken clear across town to the "nearest" freeway entrance ramp when there was an entrance ramp much closer?Computers are a great tool but maybe placing all your faith in what you are told by a computer isn't a good idea-maybe you still have to think for yourself.Because I did not get any kind of a response from e Harmony I joined Match and I have had dozens of emails.I am canceling my subscription to e Harmony even though I have almost a year left.

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So far, every single one website from this dating sites network that we looked at has turned out to be a scam.I'm sorry to drift off the topic of this blog and attack e Harmony but most dating sites including have also developed a "formula" of their own to weed out people they deem non-relationship material.In reality, not everyone rejected by e Harmony and other sites are non-relationship material and just because someone wasn't rejected by a site doesn't mean they are not crazy or that they are any more relationship material than ones who have been rejected.I wouldn't be surprised if some online dating sites purposely get people to respond to your ad to hook you into at least a months worth of membership.Is a "low" price of only .95 per month (9.40 a year) really worth it?Is a "low" price of only .95 per month (9.40 a year) really worth it?For men, you're required to reveal your height (but women don't have to reveal their weight-go figure) which gives shorter men a BIG disadvantage since women will not even give a short man a chance.Have you ever been told to "turn right" where there isn't a road?Hopefully you don't end up in a lake like episode where he was told to turn into a lake. how about social networking sites like facebook, myspace and twitter.If someone responds to your free profile, you have to sign up for a monthly service where your credit card is charged once a month until you cancel (some people have reported troubles canceling their membership).


  1. Be careful when signing up or using this site, as it is one of the many online dating sites owned and run by Nautell Capital Limited

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  3. Was introduced to the online dating community in 1995 and today the site claims to have hundreds of thousands. in the hands of rip offs and.

  4. This is no myth or fairy tale - all available evidence suggests that people do indeed die of broken hearts." -Dr. Lynch "The Broken Heart -The Medical

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