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Bully Butch starts to pick on Bobby, calling him names like, “Wimp.” The other kids join in. When Bobby manages to get behind Bully Butch, he grabs him around the waist and hangs on.

Bobby stands his ground, not responding to Bully Butch. Bully Butch tries to shake Bobby off, but cannot do so.

This makes Bully Butch even madder and he gets louder and more abusive. You are just a bully and only pick on someone smaller than you are.”Bully Butch calls Bobby, “Chicken! The other kids find this hilarious and start laughing.

Finally he says, “You’ve made me so mad, I’m gonna hit you! Bobby lets go so suddenly that Bully Butch falls to the ground.

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Their two biggest money-makers have been South Park and The Daily Show, the two most subversive shows of all time. It needs to be inflammatory for it to be successful in some ways.and he said, “Man, people will laugh at anything.” When you were writing it, did you feel like it was going to have the impact that it did? We didn’t, because it didn’t feel any more button-pushing than anything else we were doing.The next episode we had a white woman singing black thoughts. If everyone’s looking over their shoulders, it’s not going to make the stuff better.Themes: Easter; Looking to people and material items to fulfill things that only Jesus was meant to fill; the idea that all we really need is Jesus in our life; Jesus fulfills and completes us & is the only one who can Themes: Father's Day; parenting mistakes; looking towards the future; relationships between children and their fathers; expectations for your children; correcting past mistakes; accepting your children for who they are Themes: Lies vs.truth; Satan's deceptions; understanding your position in Christ; Jesus' work through us; deceiving spirits; strength in Christ; fighting for faith; standing up for your rights as God's child; victory over Satan Themes: God's peace; the difference God can make in our lives; health & restoration; seeking God; healing from painful experiences; God's protection, love and comfort; God's acceptance of us just as we are Themes: The Obamas meet the Kings, the accomplishments of Martin Luther and Coretta King, how the Kings paved the way for African Americans--including Barack and Michelle Obama, how Martin Luther's dream was fulfilled in Barack Obama, what a conversation between the Obamas and the Kings would be like Themes: Changes in Black history over the years, how far the African American culture has come over the years, the idea that African Americans had very little rights or opportunities many years ago, but now are free to do anything they desire and have many opportunities before them.Although the bully wants to fight, Bobby has a trick planned to stop him. Bully Butch enters and is surrounded by some of the other kids.Characters: Bobby, played by a relatively small kid Bully Butch, played by a larger kid Other kids (as many as you want)A group of kids run on-stage. He brags loudly about himself, pushes a kid, grabs someone’s lunchbox, and kicks a ball away.The day Martin Luther King got shot, apparently he was on a bus and a bunch of black dudes came up to him and were like, “What you doing on this bus, cracker?” and Dave’s grandfather apparently thought, Man, this cracker is in a lot of trouble, before he realized, Oh, I’m the cracker.Dave explained to me, “He’s a black guy who doesn’t know he’s black,” and it just never made sense.I never knew what he meant, and then he explained to me that the character went to boarding school, and that’s why he didn’t know. It came rushing in, like I completely got it immediately.


  1. Comedy Alice has seemed to emotionally "disappear," so she goes to the police to file a "missing person's report" Themes.

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  5. When the first episode of Chappelle’s Show aired in January 2003, audiences were blown away by an audacious Frontline parody about Clayton Bigsby, a blind black man.

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