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Dating service to use dna

" If she gets a yes, the 27-year-old CEO quickly follows up with a request to swab the inside of her new friend's cheek, in hopes it will help them find true love.READ ALSO: Gator hunting: A love story According to an ever-growing body of scientific research, the answer is: quite a bit.The DNA collection technique will look familiar to viewers of "Law & Order" and "CSI".The company sends sealed cotton swabs and instructs customers to swab the insides of their cheeks.Wouldn't the DNA or olfactory process be sufficient to repel close relatives from sexual impulses towards each other?

And furthermore, if this process has any applicability to real life - why would we have incidences of incest?

On the flip side, this company will have all of your identifying information plus a DNA profile of you to catalog into a database. Besides the exhorbitant user fee, I wonder where the rest of their funding is coming from?

The first question out of Asma Mirza's mouth when she makes a new acquaintance these days is, "Are you single?

With its large numbers of college students and recent graduates, 39 percent of the population is single, according to Sperling's Web Site.

Woman who take birth control pills, use hormonal patches or implants aren't good candidates.


  1. DNA-Based Dating Using. use pheromones to. Pheamor also says that you do not have to have social media accounts to take advantage of its service.

  2. Ok, We Have Our First DNA-Based Dating Service GenePartner. DNA from the inside of your cheek. Use the addressed envelope supplied for returning the brushes.

  3. You can sign up to use the service now, and they will send you a DNA kit in the mail. Processing takes around two days once Instant Chemistry receives it.

  4. Genetic-based dating app works to find true love using your DNA. By Maggie Gordon. December 26, 2017 Updated December 27, 2017 am

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