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Dating rule book for men

Do you remember how fun dating was when you were young…you know 16, 17, 18. You would take hours to primp and usually even buy a new outfit to wear. So, following are some rules I’ve learned about dating in your 40’s (with kids). The men no longer come to your house to pick you up. Do not tell him how much fun you had at “Boys Strip Club Night” unless he was definitely the BOY who took you! 6) Waiting for him to make the first move or ask you out. I’ve met a lot of women who think asking a man for his number or out on a date seems pathetic and desperate. Real men like women who take initiative and men like it when a woman asks them out for a change.

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Yes, many couples swear they knew the moment they met along with a starry eyed story about how they saw each other across a foggy dance floor and broke out in song as if it was a Broadway musical, but in this day in age, with the divorce rates being as they are, taking your time to get to know someone before you decide they are someone you could be in a long term relationship with is paramount and not symptomatic of how the potential relationship could turn out.While certain traditions with regard to courting will never go out of style, many of the rules of dating have changed dramatically, much like our evolvement from apparent prostitution.When the game changes, the rulebook needs to be updated too!Here is my list of cliché rules that need to be tossed! Women’s magazines are still under the assumption that women need to lead men in the element of chase, tease them slowly and act like a virginal temptress until we “hook” them with our sultry reels.While this way of thinking may be pertinent handling behavior while dating in high school, as consenting adults and in this era of rampant sex lives and overexposure to sex through media, this rule needs to be tossed in the same gutter we threw our Math text books on graduation day. This one isn’t really a rule, but more to do with the fact that technology has dictated a major change in dating.In the early 1800’s, courtship or “courting” was done with the intention of marriage.In the 1820’s America, the phrase “date” was associated with prostitution.So, if you didn’t have your Broadway moment in the first meeting, don’t stress too much, some of the best relationships develop over time. So you went out with her on Friday which means you shouldn’t call her until Monday, and when he calls you, make sure to not answer and wait at least 3 hours to call him back. Yes, you heard it boys, you don’t always have to pick up the tab!Yes, this instruction is still being fueled into single minds. If they don’t answer, oh well, they will call back unless they’re one of those douchey singles who gives you radio silence instead of blowing you off like an adult. In fact, if a woman isn’t at least offering to pick up some of the tab by date #3, you might want to re-think that match (honestly!Differences in age preferences for mates can stem from evolutionary mating strategies and age preferences in sexual partners may vary cross culturally.There are also social theories for age differences in relationships as well as suggested reasons for 'alternative' age-hypogamous relationships.


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