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Dating men with trust issues gay bdsm dating

Some of us have had major misfortunes, some of us mostly minor ones. If you’re really interested in him and you’d like things to work out, I would say your best bet is to: 1) listen to him when he wants to talk about it, 2) be receptive to what he’s saying, but don’t judge it, 3) don’t take any of it personally, 4) don’t interpret it as some kind of hidden message, like it means something about you or him or how he’ll be in your relationship, 5) DON’T even think about trying to solve his problem.

Because who controls those answers and how are you meant to believe that one site is always right?

Embrace them, work on them, do whatever you want, but just own the fact that you have #trustissues.

And while this may not always be fun, there are worse problems you could have. When your boyfriend tells you he went out with his friends last night, you ask which friends.

Personally, I have a tougher time dealing with things when I’m in a relationship. But working out our own issues is an especially touchy subject. It’s just going to be a matter of being patient and non-reactive if he brings up his “issues”.

When I am working something out, I want to be completely by myself and left alone for a while. I think it’s because, for me, I don’t like people seeing me when I’m in a bad place… There’s a trap that people can fall into where one person “engages” with the other person’s issue.


  1. If you're dating someone with trust issues, you need to be educated. Men may traditionally come off as big and tough and hardcore, but in reality, some of them are.

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  4. Dec 08, 2007 Dating a girl with trust issues. about men and their minds. She. over that but nobody that has "trust issues" should be dating untill they are over.

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  6. Women aren't the only one with trust issues and men aren't the only ones who cheat on their partners. Regardless of our gender, relationship pain resulting in trust.

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