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Dating in archaeology challenges to biblical credibility xkcd creepiness dating age

Mankind, assuming self-rule without God, will bring itself to the brink of annihilation.

Yet pursuing knowledge about God has been left out.Then all men will have to admit that only God can save us.The Apostle Peter wrote, “Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts ….Young, bright minds have been and still are being prejudiced against the Bible, the foundation of true knowledge. Unfortunately, many Bible scholars, ministers and theologians agree. Russell had to say, there is evidence the Bible that proves the reality of its history. Even while Russell and Collingwood were writing their books, other scholars were unearthing spectacular discoveries that cast a bright light on the truth of the biblical record.Yet, there are mountains of evidence to prove otherwise. Even prior to the mid-20th century, the new science of archaeology—the digging-up and study of the remains of man’s bygone years—caused an earthquake within the anti-God scholarship of the critics. As a science, archaeology has expanded to include the study of all cultures.So today, most theologians and ministers look askance at the Bible and its history.The real tragedy is that these men refuse to study into and teach the vital lessons taught by these histories.It was during Napoleon’s military expedition in Egypt in 1799 that the vitally important Rosetta stone was dug up.Yet, it was not until the end of the 19th century that a systematic study and evaluation of the Near East began.Russell dismisses the Bible as in just a few sentences.Even though first printed in 1945, his book is still widely read by university students and is considered one of the best books of its kind. Collingwood, in his book (printed posthumously in 1946), tagged the Bible as “theocratic history and myth.”Most scholars lower the Bible to the level of Homer—mythology in poetic form. The willing (and sometimes willful) ignoring of the truth has been happening for decades.


  1. Cross-dating of Biblical History via Singular Astronomical and Geophysical Events Over the Ancient Near East An Ben-Menahem Faculty of Mathematical Sciences. The bearing of archaeological data upon the problems of the Israelite conquest in Canaan must therefore be considered with caution.

  2. The Bible is the only ancient, well-organized and authentic framework in which to fit all the facts of history. The Bible does not record all history. In fact, there are huge gaps in the history contained in the Bible. Yet, without the Bible and what it reveals from prehistory, ancient history and prophecy—which is history written in.

  3. This is why the believer takes all challenges to the Bible's revealed history seriously. The stakes have not been lost on the historical critics. As archaeologist and historical critic William Dever candidly notes, "For Protestantism, however, higher criticism struck a mortal blow to the very heart the doctrine of verbal inspiration.

  4. Apr 24, 2009. Eye witness accounts are essential to recording credible evidence of history. Since no one was around for the creation and all dating methods rely on a degree of assumption, none would not satisfy the evidence standard in a court of law. I find more compelling the case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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