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Today, February 18th, NASCAR revs up their Sprint Cup Series season with the 60th running of the Daytona 500! This intake system reduces air restriction and straightens out the path of air flow to add extra horsepower to your engine. Surround your Valentine's Day hideaway with all-new flowing White Curtain Collection! The Valentine's Day Cards are available at the Gift Shoppe in Victorian Age! Send your loved one a gift to remember with the all-new, love-filled Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper! Decorate your Prehistoric lair with the all-new Saber Toothed Tiger! Available in the Ice Coin Section of the Icetastic Shop in Icetastic! Cheer on your football team and stay hydrated at the same time with these Team Football Sippy Hats! Take the right path through the field of football players and try to score a touchdown! The Fantastic Football Frenzy holds endless surprises in store in case you happen to get tackled while on the field!

This continues a tradition of Daytona Beach being a world center for car racing and speed records dating back to 1903! Eastern Time), so scores during this time period will not count. The system also isolates the intake and filter from the high engine temperatures by using a heat shield. Today is Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year and Spring Festival! Available in the Ice Coin Section of the Icetastic Shop in Icetastic! Play the current Valentine Scavenger Hunt for the first Plush Honey Bee! If you do manage to score a touchdown, your prize is the option to choose from two Football Jerseys in team colors! Leave a message for your friends, or even write down a quick reminder with the all-new Phoenix Chalk Board! Are you planning a big football party, and need a few extra chairs to accommodate all of your guests?! The Eagle room has arrived in the Aviary at the Australian Zoo!

The crossword has continued to thrive and today, millions of crosswords are solved every day in the U. Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and a Crossword Puzzle Manikin Swing!

Build an exciting entrance to your Movie Theater with the NEW Movie Theater Doorway and Wall Pieces! However, the great crossword puzzle proved its worth by not only out-living its declared status as a "fad", but by steadily growing in popularity into a national passion! For today's quest, sharpen your pencil, or if you dare, get out a pen, and let's solve the quest on the history of Crossword Puzzles!

Decorate your Movie Theater with these glittery Movie Theater Curtains and Corner Pieces in multiple colors! We wish everyone the best of luck on the next racing event! Crosswords, the most popular word game ever, started out as a craze, with little respect from traditional newspapers.

Don't miss the last Crossword Puzzle HOST Hunt for the Crossword Puzzle Hat on Tuesday, February 27th! Below is a visual representation of the paths taken over the race course by each of the winning racers: After completing the analysis of all of the recorded data, here are the winners of the three lap Daytona Weekend 2018 Racing Extravaganza Race Day Course!

The Valentine's Day Flowers are available at the Gift Shoppe in Victorian Age! Mostly observed by English speaking countries, Pancake Day has a number of traditions depending upon the culture. Eastern Time) The Encore Valentine's Day Ball will be held on Sunday Afternoon, February 11th from P. Reference the Tailoring Book at the Craft Shop in Medieval Age for more information on crafting!

Exchange windows now Resize, Items automatically stack, and Item Counts show above the exchange content panel! On today's quest, let's look at the life of President George Washington! The Sure-Fire Spark Plugs will boost performance and guarantee faster starts and improved horsepower!

To use these new features, simply refresh, and visit an exchange, such as the Wood Working table in Medieval Age! Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the George Washington's Birthday 2018 Pin! Be one of the top 10 fastest on Friday and these Spark Plugs is yours!

Ride your flying Phoenix in style with the all-new Phoenix Armor! On today's quest, we will look at Chinese New Year, and the beginning of the year of the Dog! Bundle up in style this winter with the NEW Ice Hockey Jerseys! la la la la la, la la, la la la Valentine enjoyment is what we bring. Dress up in your team's colors with these trendy Cheer Leading Outfits and durable Football Uniforms! The first Friday in February is dedicated to honoring the discovery of bubble gum! Don't miss your chance to win your very own Football Jersey in Team Colors! Many people don't know that football began as a rough and tumble kicking and running game, with very different rules.

Also part of the Phoenix Membership Bundle 20 is an all-new Phoenix Book Bag! Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the 2018 Chinese New Year Pin! Available in the Ice Coin Section of the Icetastic Shop in Icetastic! Celebrate Valentine's Day in the all-new, tropical Nixie and Rad Valentine's Day Fashions! Like many amazing discoveries, bubble gum was invented by accident, and it became immediately obvious that the stretchy gum with the distinctive pink color was destined for greatness! Set up your very own Football game with these Football Goal Posts in team colors! The game grew to be the complex game you see on the modern football field, but only through a dramatic clash of wills between the different football organizations, teams and personalities.


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