Dating animals

They have to actually take the time to meet another animal in public, sniff their parts, and do an exhausting mating call.

When are they gonna wake up and realize that the only way to meet other animals these days is to buy a phone, download an app like Tinder, and paw right?

Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.

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Have you ever stretched the truth a bit so it seemed like you shared the same interests as an appealing potential date sitting across the table? But whether it'd a glance or a sniff, we are biologically wired to feel an intense and immediate attraction toward some people and not toward others. And this cascade of lustful chemicals coursing through our brains and bodies serves a very important function: It signals us that this magnificent person could make an excellent biological match for us to produce offspring with.

When I first set out to explore parallels between animal courtship and human dating, I didn’t expect to discover the wealth of sage advice offered up by our wild counterparts. Are you one of those people who just can't seem to find the right person because no one out there seems perfect for you?

Following a Cliff Notes version of a few key takeaways. "Helpful" relatives and friends may have told you you’re being too picky.

One difference though, is that animals don't get the chance to turn down a date — if zookeepers decide that an animal has to go elsewhere for mating, then it happens.

, is all about what animals can teach us about dating.


  1. Apr 28, 2014. With so many animal lovers out there, the chances of dating one are pretty good. Here are some great tips for if you find yourself dating one of them.

  2. Jun 6, 2014. We often hear about the human do's and don'ts when it comes to dating, but we rarely get a glimpse into the rules animals use when it comes to courtship and mating. I mean, just how does the Adzuki bean beetle decide to trade up to a new partner? We can learn a great deal if we pay attention to exactly.

  3. Days ago. Finding love just got easier for zoo animals. Shutterstock. Finding mates for rare animals is hard — and still a partly paper-driven process. These records are finally being digitised, creating a database of potential animal matches fundamentally the same as a dating website. It's called the Zoological.

  4. I was raised wild,” says artist and conservationist Asher Jay. The 31-year-old India-born National Geographic emerging explorer torpedoes into a room, immediately launching into disaster-ridden tales of a recent dive in the Yucatan. “Turtles are the new thing,” she says. “I wake up and think, 'What animal to do I want to.

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