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Dating a girl with children

but ya if your willing to chance it go for it because you never know unless you try. Why not be open minded and try things out, see how you feel about it.

There are people I know who dated and got married with children from a previous relationship, and they have been madly in love for over 20 years.

if you have hesitations cause of what some of your punk friends have said to you, dont.

trust me, if you pre-judge like that, you'd be doing her a favor and moving on to someone who doesnt have these preconcieved notions. Take it one step at a time and don't rush to meet this child.child's mom should keep it seperate for now.

Her priority should be and will be to that child's needs before yours - but you seem sensible and will likely already have realized i'll be gawddamned!

Any sane parent would take it slowly before introducing you to their child anyway.

I would take it slowly, also realize when dating a single mom that her time is limited, and If can handle that its a good start, you cannot be too demanding of her time, and then if the relationship seems like its going some where you will have to meet her son but only if 1) she is comfortable 2) you like children and 3) you know the relationship is going to the next level.

The whole step daddy thing comes into effect if you are planning to live with her or marry her but for dating , don't need to worry about it he has a father .

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The kids 4 and he still see's his dad, she has made it clear it's cool if I decide the whole kid thing scares me off a bit and has made it clear she definitely isn't looking for anyone to look after him/pay for things.


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