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Dating a cancer sign man

These are basically small changes that make being with him more interesting and exciting.Cancer men get bored, not as easily as Geminis, but they do crave changes and like to try new things.

Well, don’t fret because I’m here to tell you ALL about Cancer men.

Many Cancers have the same friends they had in elementary school, they hang onto relationships for a long time, and usually adore being part of any close knit group. They will resent the family members who “hid” while others had troubles.

If their family doesn’t like you, this could be a problem. People often complain about Cancers and mood swings. Now the Moon passes through all twelve zodiac signs in about 28 ½ days, meaning your Cancer boyfriend is going to change “moods” about every 2 ½ days.

Cancers do hold in their feelings, and if they build up for too long, they may hit you with whatever you did to upset them for the last five years or so. Cancer people never forget a slight, and I don’t want to say they hold grudges, but they sort of do. Cancer is a cardinal sign of leadership, meaning, they are often the ones running the companies and telling everyone else what to do.

But he really worries about you and will always stop whatever he’s doing to listen to what’s bothering you too. They don’t do it for attention, but are very capable in any leadership role, definitely natural leaders. They have been accused of being needy and self absorbed, but they give so much in relationships they deserve the same, and you should pay attention to your mind, body and spiritual needs to stay well balanced. They are good bankers, accountants, real estate agents and emotional counselors.


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