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I've seen people in 20s to 70s addicted and that's really sad.What got me thinking was that I was trying to decide whether these girls were pathetic, or very, very smart.On one hand, they are, for all intents and purposes, prostitutes.Still hard to get over how much money some of this stuff rakes in though. It has absolutely nothing to do with getting off since all these users could just go on Porn Hub and watch porn for free and jerk off.That won't fill their void of feeling lonely,though.You say its their problem, but really majority of your followers are addicted when I go back to see people on my twitter seeing people 3-4 years ago that its addiction! I hate your industry so much on what it did for me, but stop isolating yourselves!I really have sympathy for all girls that Cam-Model! Don't live a life on teasing men, because that's what you set yourself to be. Trust me girls, you will be so much happy using your talent in the bedroom with only one man. I am a camgirl and I chose to do this along side my full time job in order to make some extra money.I simply NEVER gained anything of confidence talking to Cam-Girls because the subject matter is only sex-talk to arouse men to tip.I simply got better by getting social with my man-peers as a group.They whore themselves out on Internet web cams for money.Many take "requests" via voice or text chat, and tend to do some crazy things (not that I would know, I have better things to do with my time). One guest mentioned that she had just rented a private jet. After all, to become a cam whore, all you have to do is give up your dignity, self respect and privacy.


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