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Cute dating suprises

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Use Stitchagram to create a pillow or bag using your Instagram photos! What could be better than getting chocolate in the mail? If you can speak another language (or enlist a bilingual friend’s help! Include things like hot candies, hot sauce, beef jerky, flavoured popcorn/chips, hot drinks (cocoa, tea, coffee), ect,.

Wrap a chocolate bar in a Willy Wonka style golden ticket that your S. can redeem the next time you two lovebirds see each other.

For best results use an acrylic paint Sharpie and water resistant sealing spray (like Krylon’s Crystal Clear).

I found this on the Loving From ADistance blog so if you use the coupon code “LFAD” you get 10% off! For more details on what I put inside these mysterious little envelopes check out this blog post: https://ldr13.wordpress.com/ 3.

Send your sweetie an “I Love You Bean.” That’s right; when this plant grows the leaves of it will read “I love you.” How cool and sciencey is that?


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