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Comixology pull list not updating

From a business standpoint, I can understand why Comixology decided to go this route with the i OS app; giving Apple 30 percent of each purchase is a lot of lost revenue.

However, as a frequent Comixology user, I find that the lack of an integrated store removes the browse-and-buy simplicity.

It’s a great way to dive into those comics you’ve always wanted to check out, or test the waters for series that just look and sound cool.

The digital comic book app launched their Comi Xology Unlimited service recently, and instead of paying cover price per issue, you can now check out a plethora of series for a low monthly fee.

With unlimited subscription services like this, it gives readers a chance to check out a series before they want to commit to it.

A good rule of thumb is to give any title four issues, and if it doesn’t have you hooked by then, then it’s time to move on.

In a column on the right side of the interface are links to free books, graphic novels, Top 10 Bestsellers, and other areas of interest.

The apps bring the wonderfully Comixology experience to mobile devices, with a panel-by-panel Guided View format that makes reading books on small screens incredibly enjoyable.It’s great to see new options to get comics into more hands.There are so many great books out there, but knowing where to start and what you’re going to enjoy can be a shot in the dark and a dent in the wallet.Unlimited boasts a healthy selection of first issues and trades to get you started — just enough to give you an idea if a series is worth continuing (using the Comi Xology app or via your local comic shop).The selection doesn’t stop at comic books, either: they offer manga titles as well!You can borrow up to 50 titles for an unlimited amount of time.Once you finish a book, you remove it from your device and “return it” so you can check out another title and continue.Comixology's home screen contains a slider that highlights hot new releases, digital sales, and company-related announcements.Below that are sections that showcase titles exclusive to the platform, as well as themed sales (for example, Comixology slashed the price of movie).Both versions let you browse the Comixology store, add items to your wishlist, and read books, but the shopping and checkout experiences are the biggest differences between the Android and i OS apps.The Android version lets you make purchases from within the app, while the i OS version demands you make purchases through your mobile browser.


  1. Jun 17, 2014. more on this website later. Follow their instructions and you'll have a pull list in no time! Visit later to pick up your comics! New issues hit shelves every Wednesday, although your shop may experience delays from time to time, especially on weeks with Monday holidays. Edit your pull list at.

  2. Aug 11, 2015. Due to a glitch in iOS7, we have been finding we can't read ComiXology Comics offline any more. If you've been having the problem too then we can fix it!

  3. Comic Shopper 1 gives you an advanced list of comic books, cards, games and related graphic art and science fiction pop-culture merchandise released each week. Easily select the items you plan to buy that week, from convenient lists grouped by publisher, alphabetically, or your own favorites. For most comic books you.

  4. Comixology is a potent combination of digital comic book store and reader that makes it a breeze to dive into your favorite titles on a PC. No purchasing comics directly from the iOS app. Note also has a pull list that you can use to reserve physical books at your brick-and-mortal comic book shop.

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