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While the easiest girls are often found in Bogota and occasionally on the coast, some claim the best-looking girls can be found in Medellin or Cali. Don't confront Colombian men or try to take their women.

If you speak Spanish, then Periera is an excellent option for a quick trip. This is especially true for older men dressed to the nines with young looking women. Boots on the ground is always preferred, but here are the best neighborhoods in the main Colombian cities: Stay in any one of these neighborhoods and you should be relatively safe.

Then only take taxis you called through apps on your phone. You can pull chicks in hostels, hotels, and sex hotels. Plus, you'll find higher quality girls if you rent an apartment. Plus, you don't wish to bang a couple of gringo hunters that every other guy who visits the country penetrates, too. You'll want to start online, especially if you're new to Colombia, new to traveling, new to Latin women, or have no Spanish speaking ability. The number of times my friends and I pulled one night stands in Colombia wasn't high. Instead of trying to change the culture to fit your needs - just go with the flow and play by their rules.

Looking when you land is always the best, but if you have a short trip, you can find decent options online. A lot of the women you meet online in the country won't be "dateable" or of the highest quality. Plus, the girls using online dating in Colombia are self-selecting to like foreign guys. This isn't really optional unless you have a month or more in the country. Once you venture out of Bogota - the number gets even lower. Sure, it'll cost a bit more, but the country is cheap now.

The average Colombian woman will be on the shorter side.

She'll have brown skin (not black, not white, not native).

Originally created to help men get more cute chicks through online dating, this blog has evolved. Instead of only dropping online dating advice, I’ve found myself learning more and more about travel, health and fitness – along with online dating.This is particularly true if you have a short trip (like a two-week vacation) and are looking for a hassle-free way to meet cute Colombianas. I'd advise you to open in Spanish and use indirect game. I'd start with a first date that involves drinking and run the date as you would in the United States.You'll have to pay a few bucks for a subscription, but is definitely worth it. Then switch to stating your intentions within 30 seconds to a few minutes. Down a few drinks and push for a bounce back to your place. For reference, this percentage was over 90% in Peru.Outside of the affectionate nature of Colombian girls, they tend to stack up well from a looks standpoint, too. You have girls with no boobs, girls with big fake boobs, and girls with big real boobs.You have runway modelesque girls and girls with hips only found in mid-2000's rap videos.Of course, in broken Spanish: She'd usually giggle after I'd say this. If she doesn't budge on coming straight to the crib for dinner on date number two, then you have a choice to make: take her dancing on a weekend or drop her. I loved having a Colombian girl come over and cook for me.If she's a hot, high-value chick - take her out dancing. If she refuses to come over after two dates and a night out on the town, then she's playing you. I like Colombian women, but I wouldn't say they're are far superior to women from other countries until actually dating them comes into play. Homecooked meals, kitchen blowjobs, and homemade sex tapes.All across the city of Bogotá, and indeed the rest of the country, gringa girls living and working in Colombia are pairing up with local boys – at a staggering rate! Ask anyone about it, go and check it out, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.It seems to be a match made in heaven – the Colombian males, who are fascinated with foreign women, and the young English girls, who are 6,000 miles away from home for the first time. It’s fair to say that for people in their early twenties in England, dating culture hasn’t really taken off – at least, not like it has in America.Yeah, if a woman in Colombia is into you, then you'll be taken care of quite well. Colombian girls have their faults just like all of us. The girls from the country have a unique vibe that doesn't match with a lot of dudes.My vibe matched well, and I really enjoyed my time in Colombia.


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