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But one thing we will agree on about this, is that people think Justin is innocent. Odds are you’ve probably done something just as bad. Justin was kissing up all on her neck and God knows where else.Many of you remember when Chaz Somer’s Facebook was once un-private?Pattie went on Justin’s private Facebook and told all his friends to make theirs private also.The only reason Justin would get grounded is if everything they posted was true… It’s just all these people and fans expecting him to be perfect. 90% of teens drink, smoke, engage in sexual activities and what not. We did not post all the full details and all the dirt for a reason. So next time you go around worshiping the kid, remember all he’s done. And it’s sad to say, but you’re actually building his ego.I’m sure a few of you remember when Shay tweeted this: So Justin, Chaz, Ryan and Shay hung out that entire day.After those tweets, Shay never tweeted again that day. there’s been a lot of people saying Justin wouldn’t ever do those type of things. “” Basically, his fans don’t know him as well as his friends, right? So smoking, drinking and having fun aren’t all Justin and Shay did that night. And let’s just say what happens next is the Justin that is hidden behind all the fame, fortune, paparazzi, and screaming fans.because many blogs post about Justin and we’re sure he reads it. Of course there are MANY other girls Justin has dated or done things with [i.e; Kiersey, Kristen, Sara, etc] But we’ll save those stories for some other time. We might in the nearer future, but the thing is, you guys will not like the truth. And that’s how fame changes people, because people make them feel like they’re a higher power. And if you’re still in denial that Justin would never do anything bad.

All we know is that they’re from Stratford, Ontario and that they know a lot more about Justin than we do. Again, Keep in mind that he is a regular teenager, so you can’t judge him or any of them on what they’ve done. The only difference is he has to lie about it to keep this ‘perfect’ fake teen-star image. But the Justin you see on TV is a lot different from the Justin you see with his friends. And I’m sure you all know how hickey’s are gotten 😉 () Justin and her were making out and whatnot.(We’re only posting it because a lot of our readers are curious and a lot of them have no idea about what went on) But it’s quite obvious. And when you’re in the spotlight, you have people telling you what you have to be and what you have to say.The way Justin acts when he’s around his friends, and the way he acts when he’s around the fame. So odds are, no matter how much of a ‘big Belieber’ or whatever you call yourself of Justin, you don’t fully know him. There are many other stuff sent to us from people at Stratty parties where Justin happened to be.Whenever Justin’s in town, Shay is with all of them.They’ve hung out a lot this year when Justin was on Christmas break. Justin and Caitlin met when he moved to Atl, Georgia. Justin and her were dating for a while, possibly over a year until he broke up with her in 2009 because his whole career was blooming. So, just to warn you, this blog is about to take a little twist. And if you’re an obsessed Belieber or you think Justin is an innocent little Pop Star, you might not like this. Note, we’re not haters of any of the people mentioned in this, we’re just posting what we know and what has been sent/said. We’re gonna take it into the past, because we can’t move on about future gossip if all our readers aren’t aware of the past, right? We won’t post all the stuff about Justin that have been emailed or all the pictures because we most likely do not want you to lose respect for him. It seems like they never fully ended their relationship.. It’s YOUR choice to read this and take it all into perspective. Justin’s career was taking a big turn, when he landed a record deal with Usher, so he had to move to the States. Here’s a picture of them hugging at Justin’s ‘going away’ party: If it wasn’t for Justin moving out of Canada to Atlanta, Georgia, odds are they would of continued dating. Shay Misuraca, I’m sure many of you have heard of her but not all of you.So as you all know, Justin goes back to his little hometown up in ‘ol Canada all the time.Honestly, I can’t say that we’re not surprised about this.I mean this whole topic we’re blogging about is like 7 months old.


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