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Camila grey and leisha hailey dating

We take full responsibility for getting verbally upset with the flight attendant after being told it was a 'family airline.'"We were never told the reason the flight attendant approached us, we were only scolded that we 'needed to be aware that Southwest Airlines was a family oriented airline.' No matter how quietly homophobia is whispered, it doesn't make it any less loud. We ask this airline to teach their employees to not discriminate against any couple, ever, regardless of their own beliefs.

We want to live in a society where if your loved one leans over to give you an innocent kiss on an airplane it's not labeled as 'excessive or not family oriented' by a corporation and its employees. Wrote Jessica Veronica of The Veronicas: "I knew I hated South West for a reason!!

Here, Hailey shares her thoughts on her musical metamorphosis from Murmurs’ alterna-pop singer to Uh Huh Her’s electro-pop fusion.

She opens up about her innocent youth in New York and Nebraska, her fateful first trip to a gay bar (the Village’s stalwart, the old Cubby Hole), and what she really thinks about gay Hollywood’s tacit Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

'The conversation escalated to a level that was better resolved on the ground, as opposed to in flight.'The incident comes a little over three weeks after another celebrity, Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong, was complained he was booted from a Southwest flight in Oakland, California, because he was wearing his baggy pants too low.

Radar previously reported, an unnamed pilot was heard over the radio — unaware it was on — complaining that his co-workers were 'a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes' he doesn't care to socialize with in between stops.

"We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone for any reason.

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We were on the airplane less than 5 minutes when all was said and done.

In a candid interview, she discusses her choices, passions and what the future holds.

Insightful, charming, and funny even at 7am, Leisha Hailey, 36, is one of the most affable women in show business.

What brought about that change in your musical styles, from what you did with The Murmurs and Gush, and was it a conscious evolution? I asked someone about her, and it turns out her music experience is amazing. I asked her to consider just sitting down to write some music. You get really close with someone in a band because you’re spending so much time together.

I’m completely aware that this is a whole new style of music from what I did before. I’ve always loved electronica and anything with rhythm and dance beats, and my favorite thing to do in the world is harmonize. There’s the touring aspect, where you live together, and then you’re stuck in the studio 24-7, it’s very intense. And when you perform, it’s this intensely scary thing you do together.


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