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You will then automatically be taken to the members full profile for you to view it in more detail.To use any of the sites advanced features, including contacting our members, unlike free dating sites we charge a fee.Sure, there are awkward people everywhere, but in Boston, it seems like the lion’s share of the dating pool. Most Bostonian 20-somethings (and a fair number of 30-somethings) live with other people their age, so you better have that Spotify playlist on lock, and the dishes out of the sink by morning.

Most people don't want to date someone who lives too far away, and in Boston, “too far away” usually means the other side of the Charles. They’re more likely to post selfies of themselves in graphic T’s and enormous, name-brand headphones.

Once you have upgraded to a full membership you can then take advantage of all of our sites advanced features.

This includes unlimited anonymous emails, instant messaging, video profiles, video chat, unlimited photo uploads and creating and reading members diaries – offers a quality, subscription based dating service.

Unlike women in other major metropolitan areas, Boston chicks are typically more concerned with comfort and warmth than with fashion, so there better be a damn good reason to get dolled up.

The notable exception to this is Back Bay, where ladies wear lipstick and Lulus to walk their dogs from one end of Newbury St to the other.


  1. May 11, 2015. 6. We probably met you through a device anyway. Almost everybody is on OkCupid, Tinder, and/or Grindr. Observing OkCupid dates in the wild is practically a Cambridge-side spectator sport. Head to Kendall Square for the best seats.

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